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VoxEQ’s voice AI fraud prevention and customer segmentation tools now available on Genesys AppFoundry

Tuesday Jul 2nd, 2024

Jacksonville, FL, Pittsburgh  July 2, 2024 – VoxEQ™ today announced its Verify, Persona and Prompt products are now available on the Genesys AppFoundry™, a marketplace of solutions offering a curated selection of applications and integrations that elevate customer and employee experiences.

Genesys is a global cloud leader in customer experience orchestration and VoxEQ makes it easy for Genesys customers to shed light on the demographics of their callers, reducing fraud risk, improving outcomes and performance. Studies show 90% of human communication is non-verbal. This challenges ‘voice-only’ interactions in customer care centers and with AI voice agents, leading to underwhelming customer service success or worse, fraud. Powered by custom-built AI models, VoxEQ’s patent-protected solutions reveal gender, age and other non-verbal information about the caller - and deliver it in a fast, frictionless, privacy preserving manner.

VoxEQ’s Verify product offers multi-factor, voice-based 3rd party impersonation fraud and synthetic (deep-fake) identification for customer care centers, in-house or business process outsourcers for financial institutions, insurers and other fraud targets. Persona offers voice-based customer segmentation and demographic insights of unknown callers for commerce enablement via customer care centers, caller-agent matching, work force recruiting and training, and dynamic script/coaching providers. Prompt enriches LLM Prompts with caller/audience demographics to make your favorite AI voice agents smarter and optimize conversational AI outcomes in any industry.

Jack Caven, CEO of VoxEQ said, “We spend a lot of time talking to, and working with, large banks, insurers, online platforms, and others. They all have critical fraud and security issues and though there are products in market to help, many find that these products are not up to the task; too many false positives, too many false negatives, too opaque, too rigid in tuning for their specific business needs, or too large for the level of service or customization required. VoxEQ solves for these challenges.”

“We deployed the VoxEQ solution for this US Federal government agency with great success,” said Chris MacTaggart, CTO of Capital Bridge. “Implementation took only one day. The vendor’s API is stable and reliable, even during maintenance updates. The system performed flawlessly through a significant surge in call volume. We also appreciate the vendor’s approach to data privacy which allows us to serve the strictest jurisdictions in the US and EU. We are enthusiastically - and quickly - offering the VoxEQ solutions to the rest of our public sector client base."

VoxEQ’s applications are now available with Genesys Cloud CX™, an all-in-one composable solution that helps organizations offer frictionless and connected customer and employee experiences. As a modern, API-first experience orchestration platform, Genesys Cloud CX enables organizations to coordinate every interaction and touchpoint through a full suite of omnichannel options, built-in employee experience, turnkey AI and end-to-end journey optimization

To learn more about the specific features and benefits of VoxEQ’s Verify, Persona and Prompt products, visit the Genesys AppFoundry listings for Verify, Persona and Prompt


About VoxEQ Inc.

VoxEQ is a leader in extracting compelling and meaningful insights about an individual, from their voice. VoxEQ serves top financial institutions and other commerce and customer focused companies - leveraging and blending best in class voice signal processing with AI/ML, VoxEQ analyzes subtle factors in the voice that provide clues to a person’s physiology, health and well-being that transcend a voiceprint. For more information visit


Jack Caven, CEO