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Michael Lutzky

Chief Strategy Officer


Though Michael has had a few careers, covering a broad range of industry and function, the single thread throughout his journey is achievements in disrupted and emerging industries. He joined Carnegie Foundry to apply the tools and methodologies he developed throughout that career to the game-changing market opportunities Carnegie Foundry launches. Michael's was a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company where he worked closely with top management teams in telecom, consumer package goods, industrials, media, education, national security and post conflict stabilization and reconstruction. Bookending his tenure at McKinsey, Michael served as a media executive at two distinguished media organizations, NPR and the Associated Press, leading new venture business development and strategic partnerships. 

As Global Director of Product Development at The Associated Press and Vice President of Business Development at NPR. In those roles he had P&L responsibility and oversaw two joint ventures, two acquisitions and led innovation and growth opportunities in digital & mobile distribution, voice platforms and smart speakers, AI and ML R&D, IP options for film, television and publishing and audio search – most via partnership development and negotiation with Apple, Google, Amazon, Spotify, Microsoft, ESPN, Facebook, US Olympic Committee, Marvel, NBCUniversal, CBS-Viacom, Sonos, Soundhound and Samsung. 

He has designed, launched, and operated new and profitable product lines, go to market strategies, operational plans, joint venture integrations, equity participation models, acquisition and change management initiatives in digital media, technology, healthcare, and education. His experience covers a broad range of business functions; corporate and product strategy, product development, alliances, marketing & sales, operations, finance, and strategic planning.

Michael received his MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and his undergraduate degree in Photojournalism from Rochester Institute of Technology. Prior to his MBA, he had a distinguished career as a photojournalist working for National Geographic, United Nations and eventually the Washington Post, where he won numerous international awards and was nominated four times for the Pulitzer Prize for his international conflict coverage and special project work.

Michael Lutzky Staff Picture